Quickly build a solid foundation for professional-standard playing

Technique… Stylistic Elements… Theory…. How and what to Practice… Working in Music Over the course of 6 tailored sessions you will be given several fundamental musical tools to quickly upgrade your technical ability; to improve your understanding of theory and apply it to playing or composing on the guitar; to improve your ability to improvise, expand your chord vocabulary, AND show you how to practise to make rapid improvements in ALL these areas.

You’ll learn things you can apply to any style, but we’ll cover style-specific techniques and sounds too, because whatever your style you can always deepen your musicianship studying ideas from a mix of traditions. For those wanting to make some or all of their living from music, there’ll be plenty of discussion and advice on all the different ways this is achievable.

The course and teacher:

– Will motivate you! You will get constant expert feedback and support, which will encourage you to keep picking up your guitar and playing the things you need to to get closer and closer to the level you’d like to be at. You’ll be able to spend time with like-minded people with similar musical goals to you; we aim to teach in small groups to maximize both personal attention and the buzz of working with others with the same aims!

– Help you build your confidence as a player with a strong foundation in the elements of musicianship (harmonic, rhythmic and melodic), with a carefully thought-out practice programme paying attention to things like tone, dynamic level, playing feel and how to listen properly to what you yourself and other musicians are doing.

– Demonstrate and explain what you’re practicing, in the correct way; you might see a tune demonstrated on youtube but how can you always be sure the person in the video knows what he’s doing?

– Provide a wealth of takeaway written materials, clearly and accurately presented using correct musical nomenclature; notation and tab (although we encourage the use of both notation and ear development for learning, we understand that tab can be a useful mnemonic.)

We also offer follow up emails, skype sessions

and one-off lessons ad hoc, to support your further development.

Send us an email for more information: info@cuttimemusicclasses.online

The course is open to all ages, and is particularly aimed at those:

  • transitioning from A level or Btec to university who needs to bring their musicianship up to a standard where they can easily cope with the demands of a first year at college
  • who have recently picked up the instrument again after some time and needs a finite-length, content-rich guitar course that will give you loads of information AND inspiration to go away and work with
  • who are generally ambitious and motivated guitar players!

Sample written course content